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As part of the Compu Support CR agreements, the following discounts are offered:


Normal ₡10,000

Affiliate ₡5,000

Windows devices:

Installation of Windows 10 operating system

Normal ₡25,000

Affiliate ₡20,000

Hardware maintenance (equipment cleaning)

Normal: ₡20,000

Affiliate: ₡15,000

Software maintenance (free up space and make the system go faster)

Normal: ₡25,000

Affiliate: ₡20,000

Windows 10 Activation Digital License  

Normal ₡15,000

Affiliate ₡10,000

Basic program package (Office, VLC, Chrome, etc)

Normal ₡20,000

Affiliate ₡15,000

macOS devices:

Installation of MacOS operating system and basic applications  

Normal: ₡45,000

Affiliate: ₡35,000

Mac OS hardware maintenance

Normal: ₡30,000

Affiliate: ₡25,000

MacOS software maintenance  

Normal: ₡30,000

Affiliate: ₡25,000

All affiliates will be offered a special discount on any work done on their computer equipment for both Windoms and MacOS, such as changing to a solid drive, increasing Ram, laptop screen, sale of chargers, laptop keyboards, power source and even sale of computer equipment.  

  • The prices do not include IVA.

  • Prices do not include transportation or shipping.

  • Prices are for active members.

  • The normal price does not include VAT and is added if you want an Electronic Invoice.

  • Agreements may change without notice.

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